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At Soup du Jour by Jimmi we are downright passionate about soup and want to bring incredible soups directly to your table!

soup for the entire family!

Make people happy

A good bowl of soup can fill your tummy and warm you up, but a great bowl of soup will bring people together and warm their hearts. Every bowl of our soup is filled with love, patience and carefully selected local ingredients. We believe in the artisan approach to small batch production and will never produce anything but the best.

  • Expertise

    We have extensive experience in creative soup development allowing us to create an ever changing array of palate satisfaction.

  • Ingredients

    The quality of the ingredients going into our soups is paramount to us. We will never skimp on creating incredible food!

  • Deliciousness

    It will be difficult to find a soup that you won't like, but if you find one that you're not so in to, don't worry. We have over 200 other soups to choose from!

bowl lickin’ good
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soup is love

come hungry. leave happy.

Grab your spoon, tuck in your napkin and dig into our extraordinary soups. To us, creating and eating the perfect bowl of soup is an important part of life! We begin all of our soups with a cornucopia of unassuming ingredients that are used to create the rich base of our soups. We then perfect each unique flavor with carefully selected components that create a mature and well nurtured final product. Central California is our home, and we’ve been blessed to have an incredible array of local ingredients. It also allows us to be consistent and offer the absolute best of the best!


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